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Updated 3 years ago by Blitline Support


Things you might not expect as default behaviors when using Blitline, so please keep the following in mind:

  • Files with a rotation flag set will automatically be rotated into the proper orientation. (You can change this by setting suppress_auto_orient to true.)
  • Files output by Blitline are optimized for size, so default images have a .jpg quality of 80 (You can change this with the “quality” setting. See above.)
  • Files output by Blitline are optimized for size, so they will have all metadata (EXIF, Color Profiles, etc.) stripped from them. (You can override this by setting “save_metadata” to true. See above.)
    This is no longer the case. As of version 1.0+ metadata and color profiles are saved by default, and you must add "save_metadata" to false to explicitly remove metadata
  • Jobs with a postback will NOT be put into the polling cache, so you can have one or the other, but not both.
  • Files uploaded to S3 will, by default, have their permissions set to publicly viewable. You can change this by setting the headers in the “s3_destination” field
  • All color profiles are DELETED by default. Only if you set save_profiles:false or save_metadata:false   will your embedded color information be removed.
  • Resizing functions, such as resize_to_fit and resize_to_fill will SCALE UP images be default. You must have a only_shrink_larger : true if you want images to remain the same size if their beginning dimensions are less then the desired height/width.
  • S3 has a latency between when the file completes uploading and when it’s available via it’s url. This mostly is milliseconds, but it can be upwards of 1+ seconds. Blitline has an option of wait_fo_s3 which will cause Blitline to confirm the url is avialable before issuing a postback to you. 

    (According to AWS, this is no longer true. S3 is read-after-write consistent for all bucket regions)

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