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Updated 11 months ago by Blitline Support

Video Transcoding

This functionality has ADDITIONAL COSTS associated with it. See pricing details below.


Video transcoding is much more intensive than regular image processing. See our pricing page: https://www.blitline.com/v3/home/pricing_calc

Each video duration is rounded UP to the nearest minute. 

Currently we only support pre-set transcoding options

This means that you can tell us the "src" of the video, and choose one of the pre-set trancoding options, and an s3_destination and we will perform the transcoding and upload it to your destination.

To transcode a video, you must submit a job with a "pre_process" and a "trancode" node with various options. The results will be similar to a regular job result, with a "video" result, instead of an "image" result. Meta data will be included with all results.

For example, submiting a job:

"application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
"src": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/blitdoc/gifs/superbowl.gif",
"src_type": "pre_process_only",
"v" : 1.22,
"postback_url" : "YOUR_POSTBACK_URL",
"pre_process": [
"transcode": {
"preset_id" : "System preset generic 720p",
"video_identifier" : "toms_video",
"s3_destination" : {
"bucket" : "YOUR_BUCKET",
"key" : "grumpy_squirrel/transcoded_out.mp4"

The "transcode" node must contain a "preset_id" from the list of  Trancoding Video Presets

You can enter the "Description" or the "ID" from the list as the "preset_id"

Video transcoding only supports "postback" functionality.

Example Output:

"results": {
"video": {
"meta": {
"FileSize": "11 MB",
"FileModifyDate": "2017-09-20 19:03:34 +0000",
"FileAccessDate": "2017-09-20 19:03:31 +0000",
"FileInodeChangeDate": "2017-09-20 19:03:34 +0000",
"FileType": "MP4",
"FileTypeExtension": "mp4",
"MIMEType": "video/mp4",
"MajorBrand": "MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]",
"MinorVersion": "0.2.0",
"CompatibleBrands": ["isom", "iso2", "avc1", "mp41"],
"MovieHeaderVersion": 0,
"CreateDate": false,
"ModifyDate": false,
"TimeScale": 1000,
"Duration": "0:00:35",
"PreferredRate": 1,
"PreferredVolume": "100.00%",
"PreviewTime": "0 s",
"PreviewDuration": "0 s",
"PosterTime": "0 s",
"SelectionTime": "0 s",
"SelectionDuration": "0 s",
"CurrentTime": "0 s",
"NextTrackID": 3,
"TrackHeaderVersion": 0,
"TrackCreateDate": false,
"TrackModifyDate": false,
"TrackID": 1,
"TrackDuration": "0:00:35",
"TrackLayer": 0,
"TrackVolume": "100.00%",
"Balance": 0,
"AudioFormat": "mp4a",
"AudioChannels": 2,
"AudioBitsPerSample": 16,
"AudioSampleRate": 44100,
"MatrixStructure": "1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1",
"ImageWidth": 1280,
"ImageHeight": 720,
"MediaHeaderVersion": 0,
"MediaCreateDate": false,
"MediaModifyDate": false,
"MediaTimeScale": 30000,
"MediaDuration": "0:00:35",
"MediaLanguageCode": "und",
"HandlerDescription": "VideoHandler",
"GraphicsMode": "srcCopy",
"OpColor": "0 0 0",
"CompressorID": "avc1",
"SourceImageWidth": 1280,
"SourceImageHeight": 720,
"XResolution": 72,
"YResolution": 72,
"BitDepth": 24,
"VideoFrameRate": 29.97,
"HandlerType": "Metadata",
"HandlerVendorID": "Apple",
"Encoder": "Lavf57.25.100",
"MovieDataSize": 11055135,
"MovieDataOffset": 31086,
"AvgBitrate": "2.51 Mbps",
"ImageSize": "1280x720",
"Megapixels": 0.922,
"Rotation": 0
"s3_url": "http://s3.amazonaws.com/bltemp.shortlife/grumpy_squirrel/my_output.mp4",
"video_identifier": "toms_video"

If you need video transcoding presets that aren't available currently, please contact us at support@blitline.com and we can try to add a configuration to fit your needs.

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